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What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes and spaces are a stepping stone to lasting sobriety. The early stages are crucial for setting the tone for the rest of your recovery. For many addicts leaving treatment, returning to their old lives immediately means testing their sobriety when it is at its most fragile.

Sober living homes provide a space to rebuild your life, starting with the healthy habits and responsibilities that are at the core of lasting sobriety. At Sunset Shores, we offer structure, support, and a caring community with whom you can share your sobriety journey.

A safe, peaceful space that you can call home

A supportive community that understands what you are going through

Access to all the recovery groups and treatments that you need

Kyle R.

Coming out of rehab, I wasn’t ready to face my old life yet. Sunset Shores gave me a place where I could feel safe and focus on my sobriety.

Kyle R.

How does it work?

Residents in a sober living home pay rent to be there, just like any other shared accommodation. That rent generally includes access to the space, any services offered by the home, and special events and activities. Homes vary hugely in cost and the level of services offered. At Sunset Shores, we aim to provide a tranquil, comfortable space at a reasonable price, while giving our residents all the support and activities that they need on their recovery journey. We also offer a range of more intensive treatment options.

Looking for one of these?

You’re in the right place.

  • Orange County Sober living
  • Huntington Beach Sober Living
  • Newport Beach Sober Living
  • Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Huntington Beach Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Newport Beach Intensive Outpatient Program

Do I really need it?

Every person’s recovery journey is different. Some people leave treatment feeling like they are ready to get straight into their old life and commit to their sobriety. Others still feel like they have some work to do to build a strong foundation for their sobriety. One thing that we do know is that addicts who spend time in a sober living home after treatment are less likely to relapse. Know that it is okay to feel vulnerable in your early sobriety, and there is nothing wrong with giving yourself the time and space in a sober living home to find your feet.

Want to Know More? 

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