New Year’s resolutions are a time when people look back at the previous year and determine to make necessary changes for the coming year. Staying sober is typically among the most popular resolutions, right next to weight loss and getting fit. If someone you love has determined to practice sober living in 2020, they are to be lauded and admired. 


More than that, however, they should be encouraged, supported, and helped in every way possible. What a great opportunity you have been given, to help a loved one with sober living! For those who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, their disease is treatable, and there is hope for a complete recovery and return to sober living in 2020.


How Important is the Help of a Loved One with Sober Living?


Helping your loved one with staying sober can help speed up their recovery.


Loved ones play a central role in the treatment of substance abuse. The help of a loved one with sober living can greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment process, especially when they take on the role of cheer-leader, facilitator, and when necessary, manager. Very often, family therapy can improve how the loved ones relate to and support their loved one undergoing addiction recovery therapy. 


Substance abuse and addiction can damage family dynamics, erode trust, weaken communication, and even alienate family members. Loved ones who have experienced the battle of watching a family member as they descended into substance abuse must endure a variety of powerful, painful emotions and feelings. 


Families can help their loved one achieve and maintain sober living in 2020. Rebuilding trust and reaffirming love for each other is an important step. Recovering addicts need to ask for and accept forgiveness from those who have been harmed by their actions. And your family may need to offer apologies as well. This is the basis for making a fresh start and gaining the support and help of loved ones.


Common Difficulties Addicts Face in the New Year


Sober living in 2020 can be challenging for recovering addicts due to work parties and other social gatherings.


End of year and New Year’s parties for work, friends, or even family can place an incredible strain on your loved one’s commitment to sober living in 2020. Avoiding such gatherings can cause relationship problems and misunderstandings. And yet, parties where alcohol flows freely or other substances are available place tremendous temptations before your loved one. 


Many times, just returning to work after the holidays can be difficult for your loved one with sobriety goals for 2020. Work meetings, travel, the pressure to conform, or expectations of entertaining clients can all place your recovering loved one in precarious situations. And even just the burden of returning to work, realizing that many know you have been off work in rehab, can be challenging and embarrassing.  

Perhaps one of the strongest challenges to sober living in 2020 is when friends who made a commitment to say sober alongside you fail to maintain their sobriety for even a month. A huge percentage of New Year’s resolutions do not last until January 30, with many being abandoned by January 12! When those around you crumble and fall, it can be extremely hard to stay committed to sober living.


How Can You Help Your Loved One Achieve Sober Living in 2020?


Though it may seem difficult, you can help your loved one going through recovery stay sober in 2020.


As a caring loved one or family member, we know you want to help your loved one with addiction recovery in any way possible. Your desire to help a loved one with sober living is admirable. It may seem daunting at first and there will be discouragements and setbacks along the way, but your investment is vital. 


Here are some suggested ways you can help your loved one achieve sober living in 2020 and maintain sobriety for a long time to come. 


1. Think and Be Positive


A positive attitude can be the difference between drug and alcohol addiction recovery and giving up.


A positive voice and influence is key while your loved one works through negative emotions and strong addictive impulses. Remind them of your commitment to stay by their side for the long haul, realizing that recovery can be a lifetime process. Celebrate each step forward. 


2. Refuse to Live in the Past


You can help your loved one going through addiction recovery by cleaning up old bottles and other temptations and triggers to use drugs or alcohol.


Your loved one who is striving to achieve sober living in 2020 must forget past mistakes and stay grounded in present attitudes and actions. Living in the now is just as important for you. Refuse to bring up the past or even refer to your loved one’s past behaviors, in public or private conversation. 


3. Remove Temptations


You can help your loved one stay sober in 2020 by offering them a non-alcoholic beverage and removing temptation.


Remove all reminders and temptations to violate their sobriety. An empty wine bottle can trigger temptation, or ready access to prescription bottles can be too hard to resist. If you are truly committed to helping them achieve sober living in 2020, you and everyone around them should practice abstinence also when in their company. Lock up medications and remove all alcoholic beverages from your home. This is a tremendous statement to them about how committed you are to their recovery. 


4. Establish Balanced Boundaries


Setting boundaries may seem tough at first, but it can help your loved one stay sober in 2020 and many years to come.


Although it may be difficult and even painful, it may be necessary for you to monitor certain aspects of your loved ones’ lives as they recover. However, they also need to develop a sense of independence and responsibility as well. Don’t hover and be intrusive. Establish boundaries to live by at the outset, and enforce them for everyone. 


5. Encourage Healthy Habits


Eating well can make it easier for your loved one who is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction to get healthier.


Many addicts fall into negative health patterns, and replacing those with healthy habits is important to their recovery and overall health. As a family, make better choices for eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, and spending time just enjoying each other’s company. Look for stress-relieving activities to do together. 


6. Recommend New Hobbies


It's important to sobriety to have hobbies, such as a book club, to keep recovering addicts social and with something to do.


Spare time can lead to brooding, depression, and even a relapse. Suggest that you and your loved one try some new hobbies like family movie nights, taking dance classes, building things, joining a book club or sports league, or any new activity. Replace old, harmful habits and hobbies with positive new ones. 


7. Suggest Time in a Sober Living Home


Going to a sober living home after rehab can help your loved one maintain their sobriety in a structured environment.


Sometimes your loved one just needs to be totally surrounded with a safe, supportive, and structured environment that will contribute to a strong foundation for sobriety. Not every family can provide such an environment, but sober living homes are designed for this. Offer to investigate the options for sober living in Orange County with your loved one. 

Sunset Shores – Promoting Sober Living in Orange County 


Living in a sober home can help transition recovering addicts to a healthy life.


Sunset Shores Sober Living Home in Newport Beach, CA, provides the necessary support, security, and structure for those in recovery from various addictions. We work to help your loved one build a strong foundation for sober living in 2020 and beyond. Research also proves that time spent in a sober living home after initial recovery therapy is completed contributes significantly to continued sobriety. 

The benefits and amenities of Sunset Shores Sober Living Home far surpass many of the options for sober living in Orange County. Our trained staff seeks to facilitate and encourage strong, healthy relationships, and provide everything your loved one needs to achieve and maintain sober living in 2020 and beyond. Call or message us online for more information.