Sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, have been a source of news and even controversy since their inception. Some local residents feel that safe sober living, while an admirable goal, is not what happens within the Newport Beach recovery community. Efforts to legally regulate, and even restrict, sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, and other Orange County communities, are ongoing

In fact, a March 14, 2019 article in The Coast News labels some sober living homes as “bad actors” who “are overwhelming the good ones.” This language is intended to convey the view that there are numerous bad organizations running sober living homes. This makes the matter of how to find safe sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, even more important.


How Important are Safe Sober Living Homes in Newport Beach, California?


Recovering addicts have a better chance of long-term recovery when they're in a structured, controlled environment.


Those recovering from addiction are already in a vulnerable state. Many have no home or job to go to when therapy is completed. Research has demonstrated that individuals in addiction recovery have a significantly greater chance to stay sober and become productive citizens when they are able to become part of a safe, controlled, supportive community. 


The battle to remain sober when one is forced to return immediately to a home or social environment filled with temptation is almost hopeless. Many recovering addicts need time in an environment where they can build a stronger foundation for their newfound sobriety, and learn new habits and responsibilities that further promote sobriety. Safe sober living communities that are focused on recovery provide this tranquil and supportive environment. 


Sadly, the efforts at legislation are not misguided, and may even be needed. Some options for safe sober living may not provide the right atmosphere or options that are conducive to continued sobriety. To copy the language from The Coast News article cited above, some “bad actors” may indeed be seeking to prey upon vulnerable recovering addicts who go to them for assistance.


Why is Newport Beach, California, a Good Place to Look for Sober Living Homes?


There are plenty of safe sober living homes in Orange County, known for its sober community in California.


Sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, are situated in one of the best possible locations in all of the United States. The climate is mild all year and the proximity to beautiful beaches and numerous healthy amenities make it an excellent place to pursue recovery and build a new and productive life. 

Educational and career opportunities can be found nearby in a host of industries and venues. Overall, the Newport Beach recovery community is one of the strongest in the country, offering world-class treatment and recovery options. The sober California lifestyle is unsurpassed due to the proximity of sun, sand, fitness, activities, and natural beauty.


What Should You Look for When Searching for Sober Living Homes in Newport Beach, California?


Sober living homes are a reliable place to find like-minded people.


In your search for safe, productive sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, be aware of red flags that are definite warning signs of a potentially bad or even dangerous sober living facility. 


  • No charges for rent or claims that they will pay you to stay there
  • Rundown physical conditions, amenities, or unsafe buildings
  • No admission requirements or record keeping for residents 
  • Does not require abstinence or regular drug testing
  • Offers no safety or privacy provisions
  • Has no house rules or responsibilities for residents 
  • Lacks clearly stated and enforced ethical standards
  • Employs untrained or uncertified staff
  • No evidence of regulatory inspections 


Here are some areas to investigate further. These aspects will contribute significantly to your continued progress in maintaining sobriety and preparing to live a healthy and productive life after recovery is completed.


Safe Environment


Safety and comfort are made a priority in Sunset Shores sober living homes.


The ideal sober living home offers a living situation that will not jeopardize your recovery or your physical safety. Ask about what measures and technology are in place to ensure your safety and to screen residents and guests. While sober living homes are not designed to be prisons, they should screen guests to make sure no one contaminates the healthy, safe, and sober environment.


Of course, the neighborhood where the sober living home is situated is also important. No one in addiction recovery needs the added pressure of a bad neighborhood filled with temptation or opportunities for relapse. Sober living in Newport Beach offers relaxing and tranquil areas for your continued recovery.


Healthy Structure


Safe sober living homes help residents practice responsibility and build confidence.


Most individuals who are recovering from addiction need the benefit of structure. They also need to develop healthy habits and undertake responsibilities that promote structure in their own lives. Quality sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, will provide the kind of structured environment that recovering addicts need to add an element of safety and guidance to their lives. 


This structure goes beyond a daily personal hygiene routine, but should include such things as: 


  • Personal and group chores 
  • Curfew for residents and guests 
  • Screening for guests 
  • Zero-tolerance demands for sobriety and a drug-free environment 
  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Mandated participation in a recovery program 
  • Pursuit of additional education or job training 


Learning to live a sober, disciplined life begins with adhering to a healthy structure, and sober living homes are the ideal place to introduce these concepts.


Strong Staff and Support


Recovering addicts can receive the right support in outpatient care when they stay in a sober living home.


Experts agree that all recovering addicts need a strong support system in order to achieve and maintain sobriety. The sober living home you choose should provide a compassionate and trained staff that cares about the residents and their welfare. These people offer support and maintain the structure of the community, in order to facilitate your recovery and success. 


They will also promote a strong sense of camaraderie among the residents. After all, sober living homes provide more than a place to sleep. They are supportive environments where everything contributes to your sobriety and future success, and this includes the relationships with staff and other residents.


Amenities and Benefits


Residents in sober living homes can get to know each other through safe community activities.


Of course, you will want to choose a place of comfort where you will enjoy living. Sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, are located near scenes of natural beauty as well as many opportunities for fun and recreation. Look for a sober living home that provides nice appliances and other features. 


Many homes in the Newport Beach recovery community offer transportation services to necessary venues as an added benefit. Others may also provide additional perks like bedding, cleaning supplies, and other necessities as part of the package included with your rent. Be sure to ask about available amenities and benefits.


Sunset Shores – Safe Sober Living Homes in Newport Beach, California


Your search for a sober living home in the Newport Beach area should focus on how it can contribute to your ongoing recovery and continued sobriety. Such things as safety, structure, staffing, and surroundings are all vital aspects to include in your search. 

You will find only the finest offerings in sober living homes at Sunset Shores. We are proud of our well-maintained accommodations, talented staff, amenities, and recovery support. As you begin your search for safe sober living homes in Newport Beach, California, save time by beginning with a tour of our facilities. Call 949-401-6460 or send us a message online to schedule a tour and consultation today.