Sober living homes have been proven to be an important asset for those recovering from various addictions. Sunset Shores Sober Living Home in Newport Beach, CA, provides safe, structured sober living environments for those recovering from addiction and building foundations for continued sobriety. Communities with sober living homes have nothing to fear but much to gain. 


While ignorance may abound about the purpose and operation of sober living homes, local residents should not allow ignorance to breed fear and uncertainty. A better understanding of sober living homes in general, their mission, and how they operate can dispel fears with facts and promote a healthy relationship between sober living homes and the surrounding community.


What is the Purpose of a Sober Living Community?


Sober living homes provide structure after rehab for a greater chance of recovery.


What happens to victims of addiction when their recovery treatment ends? For many, immediately returning home means risking their newfound sobriety. Many feel that their sobriety is too fragile for such a dramatic return to normalcy. They need an intermediate step that will allow them to build a strong foundation for continued sobriety. They need a place to live that provides a secure, sober, structured, and supportive environment in which to grow in their sobriety. 


At Sunset Shores Sober Living Home, we offer a unique sober living experience right in beautiful Orange County, just an easy walk from the renowned Huntington Beach Pier. Our home provides a tranquil place for recovering addicts to strengthen their sobriety journey. 


Our mission is “To foster growth and positive change for men and women in early recovery by providing a safe and structured living environment, providing a fresh start toward a successful and sober life.”


We do this by renting living spaces to residents and providing plenty of fun activities and opportunities for education, continued therapy, and work. Our residents can build a strong foundation for their sobriety before returning home, all while enjoying the sunsets and surf of Huntington Beach.


Benefits to Communities with Sober Living Homes


Sober living homes have other residents who attend outpatient care.


Addiction recovery is important to a healthy community. All too often, returning home after completing addiction recovery is the worst possible scenario for those still new to sobriety. Without some form of structured assistance, these individuals remain vulnerable to their environment, which makes it difficult to resist the temptations they sought to escape. Communities with sober living homes provide a means to combat this vicious cycle. 


“Just getting people clean and releasing them to the social environments that helped encourage the substance use and other negative behaviors (such as crime) has been shown to be not effective,” said Leonard Jason, a community psychologist at DePaul University. He goes on to affirm that communities with sober living homes can provide an incredibly positive impact on individuals who are transitioning from addiction to sobriety. 


Just how can communities with sober living homes benefit from welcoming and supporting these important environments? In the Orange County recovery community, we strive to facilitate California sober living by supporting:


Ongoing Recovery Therapy


Sober living homes are great for finding support when you need it.


Residents at Sunset Shores Sober Living Home are provided multiple opportunities and options for continuing therapy. We provide individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and an intensive outpatient program to strengthen the foundations of sobriety. Residents also develop positive habits and undertake beneficial responsibilities that promote healthy living and continued sobriety.


Safe, Structured, and Supportive Sober Living Environment


Sober living homes are great for support circles and make it easier to attend outpatient addiction treatment services.


Communities with sober living homes have no reason to fear the type of environment residents create. Sunset Shores provides a safe, controlled environment that encourages sobriety and responsibility. Our upscale accommodations are well maintained and all guests are screened to ensure they meet certain guidelines that promote the welfare of our residents.


Continuing Education


When you stay in a sober living home, you have the freedom to attend courses or continue higher education.


Many of our residents need to prepare for a better life now that they are prioritizing sobriety. Helping them continue their education will open many new doors of opportunity for personal, family, and career success. Communities with sober living homes benefit from having such passionate residents with growing knowledge and skills.


Work Programs


Communities with sober living homes encourage residents to work while they are receiving continuing therapy.


Sunset Shores Sober Living Homes encourage our residents to work while they are receiving continuing therapy. The importance of work cannot be overstated, and the pride and responsibility of performing valued work and earning a living is a vital step of recovery. Every community can benefit from residents who work and earn a respectable living.


Creating Responsible Citizens


Communities with sober living homes can help their citizens on the path to recovery.


The overall goal of recovery is to create a responsible citizen who is a sober and productive member of society. Such people are highly valued in any community. What greater purpose can there be than to support and invest in a place that seeks to help recovering addicts transform into productive, dependable members of society?


Overview of the Orange County Recovery Community

Sunset Shores Sober Living Home is proud to be a part of the Orange County Recovery Community, and we provide multiple options for continued addiction recovery, including individual counseling, group therapy, and an intensive outpatient program. In addition, we provide transportation for our residents to various addiction recovery group meetings or ongoing therapy sessions. 


In addition, Orange County Recovery provides the following world-class treatment services


  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medication Management
  • Individualized Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy: Trauma, PTSD, EMDR
  • Relapse and Prelapse Prevention Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Lab Testing
  • Integration of the 12-step program
  • Regular 12-step meetings
  • Family Services
  • Nutrition and Fitness Education
  • Art Therapy
  • Spiritual Healing Education

For a complete listing of addiction recovery services in Orange County, visit the Orange County Social Services website.


Support Communities with Sober Living Homes 


Sober living homes like those at Sunset Shores in Newport Beach make better communities by offering addicts the help they need, building effective recovery communities, and providing new, sober members of the community and workforce. Why not contact us at Sunset Shores Sober Living and ask about how you can support our work with addiction recovery? 

If you or someone you love is battling addiction or has recently completed addiction recovery therapy, contact us to find out more about how our services promote California sober living in a safe, controlled, supportive environment. Call 949-401-6460 or send us a message online.