Far too many myths about sober living homes are based on guesses, opinions, or tall tales, and not on truth. Of course, every sober living program will be different, Sunset Shores Sober Living wants to provide truthful answers to your sober living questions. After all, shouldn’t your journey of growing into sobriety be based on facts, not fictitious tales or rumors? 


When addiction recovery treatment is over, where do you go for support? You need a place where you are surrounded by others who share your commitment to sobriety. You need a place of encouragement, safety, personal space, and accountability. But how do you know what to believe? 


Let’s debunk nine common myths about sober living homes with the facts about what you will find at Sunset Shores Sober Living in Newport Beach, CA.


Sober Living Homes are Filled with Criminals


One of the most common myths about sober living homes is that they are for criminals.


This is perhaps one of the most common myths about sober living homes. And maybe in bygone days there was some truth to these assertions at some locations. In fact, Sunset Shores Sober Living Home is pleased to offer a safe, controlled environment for people from all walks of life with one common goal — to build a strong foundation for a life of continuing sobriety. 

This myth likely stems from too many television shows that portray people struggling with sobriety as criminals. While some may be coming from a background that includes some crimes, many more are just common people from various backgrounds who need help. We provide that help in a clean, safe and crime-free setting.


Sober Living Homes are Hiding Places for Regular Users


Contrary to popular belief, sober living homes are not hiding places for drug users.


Once again, this common myth about sober living homes likely gets its impetus from television crime dramas. The image portrayed is one of “halfway houses” filled with addicts who seek to connect with other addicts to obtain more drugs or alcohol. This could not be farther from the truth. 

Sunset Shores Sober Living Home in Newport Beach is a place for those who are sober and desire to remain so. For many people leaving treatment and returning to their old lives means testing their sobriety when it is most fragile. Our residents are working to rebuild healthy habits and responsibilities that will contribute to lasting sobriety. Anyone who cannot demonstrate current sobriety cannot be admitted to our sober living community.


Sober Living Homes are Free Hangouts


Sober living homes aren't free hangouts for drug and alcohol abusers.


“All those places do is let freeloading addicts lay around rent-free and get high.” This is another of the popular myths about sober living homes. In fact, many people who would be supportive of our mission assume we accept government funding that allows us to provide rent-free accommodations to those on the down-and-out. This is also not true. 


Residents of Sunset Shores Sober Living Home pay rent to be here, just like any other shared accommodation. That rent generally includes access to the space, any services offered by the home, and special events and activities. The cost of staying in our homes varies due to choices for included support and treatment options.


Sober Living Homes are Dumps


Sober living homes aren't dumps and take pride in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.


“You know THOSE kinds of people don’t take care of anything, and those homes are nasty, rat-infested dumps.” Yes, we’ve heard that line, too. It is also patently false. Sober living homes at Sunset Shores are clean, comfortable, well-maintained living spaces that feature modern furniture, fully functional appliances like washers and dryers, and even some essentials like bedding and cleaning supplies. 


Part of learning positive habits for sobriety includes caring for one’s self and one’s surroundings. That is part of the community we provide at Sunset Shores, and we strive to maintain high standards of cleanliness and functionality in all of our homes and common use spaces.


Sober Living Homes Have Long Waiting Lists


It's a myth that sober living homes have a long wait list.


This may be true of some sober living communities, but it is surely a myth at Sunset Shores. We strive to move applicants through the intake process swiftly to help ensure continuity in their sobriety routines and treatments. This includes helping everyone progress toward sober independent living outside our homes. 


One of the popular sober living questions we commonly answer deals with how long residents are allowed to stay. That answer is flexible, based on the resident’s progress toward stable sobriety and their personal confidence in the new manner of living they have built. We work with and provide resources for all residents to help them become ready for independent living.


They Provide No Structure to Facilitate Sobriety


Sober living homes provide support groups and engaging activities, unlike the myth that says they let their residents become lazy.


Of all the myths about sober living homes, we detest this one the most. Sunset Shores Sober Living Homes provide a safe, clean, and structured environment for our residents to pursue completely sober, independent living. This includes screening family and guests, providing individual counseling and group therapy sessions, and a variety of other forms of support. 


None of our residents simply lay around all day watching television. There are plenty of opportunities for work, recreation, and personal time. But these are interspaced with numerous options for sobriety-strengthening courses, treatments, and activities such as group therapy or 12-step programs.


Sober Living Homes Have Less Freedom Than Prisons


Sober living homes provide a lot more freedom compared to rehab treatment centers. In fact, they're nothing like prison.


There are no barbed wire dead-lines or guard towers at Sunset Shores Sober Living Home. None of our residents are compelled to be here. This is a safe, controlled environment where recovering addicts can come and live after completing treatment. It is designed to provide an environment that is conducive to sobriety. 


Creating that environment requires that we review who is allowed to be here, and that we provide numerous opportunities for our residents to pursue responsibilities and habits that will keep them sober for many years to come. Each resident has a balance of freedom and responsibility. This includes enjoying visits with family and guests, enrolling in educational programs, and even working.


They Are For Those with Nowhere Else to Go


It's a myth that sober living homes are only for people with no where to go. Our residents plan to be here to create a new life after recovery.


This is one of the most common myths about sober living homes also cannot be further from the truth. Many of our residents have homes, families, and careers waiting at the end of their treatment programs. But they know they need a place to go first, where they can build a strong foundation for continued sobriety. 


This is often the best choice, instead of immediately jumping back into a former life that may still be filled with numerous temptations and inducements that could prove harmful. In fact, there is much research demonstrating that those just completing treatment for addiction benefit most when they can enjoy further treatment in both individual and group settings, as is available in our community.


They Do Not Provide Continuing Sobriety Help


Sober living homes do provide services to help you get sober and back into society.


At Sunset Shores Sober Living Home, we work hard to debunk this common myth. One of the sober living questions we answer often deals with the resources that are available to help our residents pursue sobriety. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is carefully designed to assist our residents that are continuing their treatment after leaving inpatient facilities with both individual counseling and small group therapy.


Don’t Believe the Myths About Sober Living


If you or a loved one have recently completed or are about to complete addiction therapy, and yet feel fragile in your newfound sobriety, take a look at Sunset Shores Sober Living Home in Newport Beach, California. Our beautiful home provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment where you can build a strong foundation for continued sobriety. Call or message us online today for more information.